About Foodcham

We, at Foodcham, aim to uplift the customer experience in the restaurant. Giving the restaurant a table top ordering solution and the users their private time. With Foodcham, the user can easily navigate the restaurant menu and order food at their command. Technical advancement has hit the Food ordering system outside the restaurant, and aim to make it better once the customer enters it enjoying the ease and other features.

No Waiting for Waiters

With a Foodcham tablet, you don't have to wait for a waiter to take your orders and you can enjoy your privacy at par 'coz raising the hand is for classrooms and a part of past in a restaurant.

Easy Flow

Reading pages can again be left to classrooms and a part of Restaurant's past. No more shuffling a long Menu. Foodcham tablets help you with an easy flow food ordering experience.

Know about your Order

Most of the food presented is deceptive. Now know what you are to be presented through images of the food and descriptive information.

Easy Navigation

The best part about technology is the ease to use it. From an easy search of products to categorical segregation, you feel worth of each second of your time.

Loyalty Points

Earning points at home to now earning points with what you eat in a restaurant, your food earns you money. We're in the future already.

Recommended and Special Items

Going to a new restaurant and being tired of ordering the same dishes urges you to ask the best dishes the restaurant can serve. And we do exactly that for you.

Use it to feel it

This gives a teaser to what the software looks like.

Be Your Own Chef

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Plans and Pricing.

Foodcham wishes to give the restaurants and the users a great experience at low costs.

Tablet Platinum


Per month

  • For6 Months
  • Advanced User Ordering System
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Tablet Gold


Per month

  • For12 Months
  • Advanced Waiter Ordering System
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Hear What Our Customers Say.

  • “ Being a member of Foodcham is incredibly fun. I experienced an entirely different exposure, which was much-needed in my 2nd year. It feels good to work with amazing seniors, learn a lot from them and implement those ideas too. Sometimes it's tiring, but at the end of the day it's all worth it.”

    —Priyanshu Singh

  • “It is a proud feeling to see the students of my college bring up such innovations.The idea is innovative and compelling, I'm waiting to see it reach heights. With my immense support and blessings In wish Foodcham all the luck.”

    —Asst. Prof. Mukesh Sahu,GTBIT

  • “It feels great to tie up with FoodCham. I loved the idea when I thought of implementing it in my restaurant, Roast House. Looking forward to making my restaurant remote and digital with Foodcham.”

    —Mr. Amarjeet Singh, Owner, Roast House Cafe'